About us

About us

Tadaima is a phrase used by family and friends upon returning home and literally means “just now.” As the company was founded in the midst of the pandemic when traveling to Japan was impossible, we wanted our name to reflect our desire to create a place to feel at home outside of Japan, for ourselves and for our customers and guests.

Sake consultancy

We offer high levels of expertise and provide sake consulting services for your restaurant. We will help you create new and interesting food and beverage pairings by building a sake list adjusted to your menu. We will provide you and your staff with necessary level of expertise to give your guests the best experience possible. Among our clients are such restaurants as Cheri-Lee, Koizen and Toso.

Lucie Ödéhn CSS



2021 SSA Certified Sake Sommelier and Sake Educator

2018 WSET Level 3 Certificate in Sake

2011 WSET Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits

Lucie is an excellent sommelier and has extensive work experience from leading positions in the restaurant industry both in Sweden and in Tokyo. She has a genuine interest for Japanese cuisine, culture, and language. She is also an experienced educator and has worked as a language support teacher for many years. Lucie’s goal is to help expose more of the western world to the joys of sake. Whether it’s food pairing or casual drinking, she hopes to make sake less of a mystery, and more enjoyable to all.