Type of courses


We provide high quality sake education under the brand of Sake Sommelier Academy, a leading provider of sake education since 2000.

Introductory Sake Professional

This course serves as a first step to joining the Sake Sommelier world and provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts & beginners to expand their sake knowledge. The course touches upon the basics of sake’s origins, serving etiquette and production, as well as the differences between various types of sake. Upon completion, you will earn the Introductory Sake Professional certification needed to proceed to the Certified Sake Sommelier Course.

Certified Sake Sommelier

The course offers a fantastic opportunity to increase both your sake knowledge and sommelier skills, and as such it is suitable for both trained professionals and sake connoisseurs. The course aims not only to provide an unbeatable level of sake education, but to teach students how to implement their acquired knowledge practically, whether by working directly with clients in restaurants, with product lines in distribution, or by entertaining friends over dinner. The course covers both theoretical and practical moments such as

• The history and culture of sake

• Sake production and styles

• Introduction of sake to clients & customers

• Sake Tasting. The course is divided into several online and in class sessions and stretches over a period of eight weeks, allowing students to study comfortably at their own pace while having regular access to teacher consultations. Upon passing the final examination, you will receive a Sake Sommelier lapel pin and certificate, and can proudly use the post-nominals “CSS”.